Pico de Gallo

This is a great healthy raw food!  You can use it as a dip with your favourite tortilla chips or a topping on your meal. I will have to admit though...it does take time to prepare, a lot of dicing!

  • Finely dice 3 ripe tomatoes (the riper the better) and half a medium onion.
  • Finely chop up some fresh cilantro until you have about 1 tbsp.
  • Squeeze 1 large lime (or to your taste)
  • A pinch of sea salt and toss.
  • To spice it up, you can add a finely chopped jalepeno pepper or sprinkle some chili flakes.
  • Another popular variation is to add some finely diced cucumber.

 Eggs, get crackin'

 One of my favourite ways to enjoy eggs are scrambled and again the options are endless

 Choose a whole grain bread and instead of butter, try spreading avocado on top

  • avocado are full of vitamins and healthy fats to nourish the body and help you stay feeling full longer.

 Top your eggs with some raw green onion or some pico de gallo for extra vitamin power

 Don't forget the spices, they not only have flavour but are also very therapeutic

  • tumeric for it's anti-inflammatory properties
  • parsley, chopped raw is a great source of anti-oxidants
  • cayenne will help boost the metabolism

Time to make your own almond milk, it is easier than you think! 

 Plus, there you will know every single ingredient that goes into it.

 1. Soak 1 cup of raw almonds in filtered water overnight

 2. Rinse the almonds and discard water

 3. Put almonds and two cups of filtered water in your blender and blend for two minutes

  • for some different flavours try vanilla and/or cinnamon

 4. Strain the mixture and voila!

 Don't throw out the pulp, I usually add that to my oatmeal or yogurt or try adding it to your baking...

Dairy Free Chocolate

  • So easy to make you just won't believe it, it will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but be nourishing as well!
  • Melt 1/2 cup of coconut oil
  • Stir in 1/2 cup of cocoa powder (look for fair trade organic)
  • Add 1/4 cup of honey
  • Optional add any of the following: almonds, cashews, goji berries, cranberries, hemp seeds, pecans, coconut, etc.
  • Pour mixture into a baking dish (line with parchment paper for easier removal)
  • Place in freezer for approximately two hours until it hardens, chop up and serve
  • Keep unused portions in the refrigerator as it does melt quickly

Butternut Squash Gnocchi with a Fresh Vegetable Sauce

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Cut one medium sized butternut squash in half lengthwise and scoop seeds out
  • Place both halves in a baking dish and fill the caverns with water and bake until fork tender. 
  • Remove from heat and let cool slightly
  • In the meantime we will prepare the sauce: In a large skillet, heat some EVOO, add 2 cloves of minced garlic, one leek sliced, one zucchini chopped up and two cups of halved cherry tomatoes.  Let this simmer until all ingredients and have softened and set aside.
  • Once you can handle the squash, scoop all the flesh out from the skin and mash.  The smoother the texture of your mash, the smoother your gnocchi will turn out.
  • You will use equal portion of flour to squash.  If you have two cups of squash then pour two cups of whole grain spelt flour on your working surface and create a doughnut like shape. 
  • Put the squash puree in the middle and start to work the flour in until you have a nice ball of dough.  You may need to add flour as you go to get a nice smooth consistency, but be careful not to over flour or they will turn out hard.
  • To make your gnocchi, cut a piece of dough and roll into a cigar like shape, then cut the strip into bite size pieces and repeat until you have finished.  Be sure to spread the gnocchi out and flour generously to prevent them from sticking.
  • Bring a large stock pot of salted water to a boil and add the gnocchi.
  • The gnocchi will cook in 2-3 minutes, you will know when they are ready when they are floating.  Remove from pot.
  • Toss your gnocchi in the sauce you have set aside with some ground chile, tear up some fresh basil, and top with some fresh grated parmegiano cheese.  If you want a vegan meal, leave the parmegiano off. 

Adzuki Bean Spagetti Soup

  • I used my homemade vegetable stock and it is super easy to do!  See Above: Vegetable Stock
  • After you have removed the vegetables from the stock pot, I add back the carrots and celery chopped
  • I also added some broccoli and cauliflower to this soup
  • Bring the stock back to a boil and add the pasta, cook as per package instructions and serve
  • Season according to taste; sea salt, cayenne, basil, parsley, pepper

This is how it looks in the pan

Spicy Citrus Chicken Salad

  • I used a spicy greens mix I found at the Farmer's Market but any greens will do.
  • Cut one large organic chicken breast into strips, toss with tumeric, thyme, black pepper and chili.
  • Saute over medium low heat in a stainless or cast iron pan lightly coated with organic cold pressed coconut oil.
  • When the chicken is fully cooked, remove from heat and allow to cool.
  • In a large mixing bowl toss mixed greens, sliced carrots, radishes, red onion and halved grapefruit wedges.
  • Toss with a pinch of sea salt, tsp of balsamic vinegar, juice from one lemon and a tbsp of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Sprinkle crumbled raw organic walnuts on top and serve.

SALADS~ I can't say enough how important it is to get your daily dose of raw vegetables... nature's multi-vitamin

Speaking of Oatmeal... there are a million combinations here, and an amazing breakfast!

 When buying oatmeal, avoid the quick oats, they have lost all of their nutritional value. Instead buy Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (Better) or Steel Cut Oats (Best). They may take a little longer to cook but definitely worth it, you will notice the difference when you realize you did not have your mid-morning crash.

 Here's how you can up the nutritional value and taste to your morning oatmeal:

  • add flax or chia seeds for added fibre and essential fatty acids
  • cook with apples or pears with cinnamon  and a pinch of nutmeg for that pie taste
  • add raisins, berries, or dried fruit for a natural sweetener
  • add nuts for protein and healthy fats to help you feel full longer and sustained energy
  • try maca powder, great for balancing the adrenals

I have included several recipes below, all are very simple and home cook style.  I took the pictures myself so you can see what the finished product looks like, (some are good and some... not so much, I never claimed to be a photographer!).  You will notice that I always leave room for modification, that's the fun part, and a way to use what you have on hand.  So, don't be shy and get creative in the kitchen! 

It always tastes better when you make it yourself, and don't forget the main ingredient to all recipes: LOVE.

If you would like to see a recipe I have not listed below, please feel free to contact me: lucy@simplyhealthyliving.ca

Edamame, Kale and Chicken with Rotini - Organic Whole Grain Spelt

  • All my pasta dishes pretty much start out the same, unless I am making my own fresh pasta, but we will get to that later.
  • This sauce starts the same as above, heat the oil and garlic but this time I add some organic chicken breast pieces
  • Once the chicken has browned up, then I add the tomatoes and in this case some edamame and black/dinosaur kale

Pumped up green salad

  • I love using red leaf lettuce, it is so tender and practically melts in your mouth.
  • Here I cut a yellow beet into strips, so sweet!
  • Halved some cherry tomatoes
  • Sliced some carrots
  • Tossed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, balsamic vinegar, and oregano
  • Topped with hemp seeds for added protein

BREAKFAST IDEAS  an important start to your day 

Chocolate Pudding for Breakfast? 

That's right!  It is packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

  • 2-4 servings
  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 Banana
  • 1/4 cup of kefir or plain yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of raw cacao
  • 1/4 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • Honey to taste
  • Mash all the above ingredients and stir until desired consistency

Optional additions to superfoodify it!  Use one, some, or all the below ingredients:

  • 1 teaspoon of chia seeds, or 1 tsp of ground flax seed, or 1 tbsp of ground almonds

Tomato & Rice

  • If you are using up your garden tomatoes, first you will need to bring a large pot of water to a boil
  • Add the tomatoes whole, remove them when you see them start to split
  • Once they cool enough to handle you should be able to peel them easily and puree
  • In a stock pot, heat about 2 Tbsp EVOO on medium to low heat
  • Add garlic, leeks, two bay leaves, pinch of sea salt, dried parsley and your tomatoes 
  • Add water or your favourite soup stock to the pot and bring to a boil (1:1, water to tomatoes)
  • Add rice and reduce heat to simmer for approximately 40 minutes for brown basmati rice to cook fully
  • Feel free to add other vegetables at this stage, try chick peas, chopped carrots, broccoli, sweet peas,  or whatever you need to use up!
  • Taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly, sea salt, pepper, chill flakes, basil, parsley

Creamy Mushroom Soup

  • In a stock pot, heat about 2 Tbsp EVOO on medium to low heat
  • Add garlic, onion and mushrooms to soften with some dried rosemary, sage and thyme 
  • I used Cremini mushrooms but you can use any type of mushroom or a combination, even better!
  • I then tossed in some chopped carrots and cauliflower and allowed them to soften slightly
  • Add water or your favourite soup stock (see above) to cover all the ingredients and then some
  • Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to simmer for approximately 20 minutes
  • Throw in some greens for more vitamin power; I used beet greens here but spinach, chard or kale are also great options
  • I also added some Dulse, Kelp or any other form of seaweed will also do, this will help season and add some thyroid supporting iodine 
  • Once all the vegetables are cooked and soft, transfer to a blender and add some coconut milk for the creamy texture
  • Taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly, try cayenne to spice it up or Tumeric and black pepper for anti-inflammatory properties
  • For extra nutritional power I added some chia seeds, fresh shelled peas, grated coconut and shredded beets (use what is in season)

This is just a taste...

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Good Morning Yogurt  Fresh, light and tasty!

Please keep in mind that these are just guidelines; adjust to your taste, to what is in season, or even just to what you have on hand!

  • I start off by putting a teaspoon of chia seeds in the bowl with 1/2 cup of yogurt or kefir and stir.  Leave that to sit while we prepare the rest, this also allows the chia seeds to soften up for easier digestion.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of the almond meal leftover from making the milk, or chopped walnuts are good too!
  • Sprinkle some cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and 1 teaspoon of maca powder.
  • Add some blueberries(fresh or frozen), chopped mango and dessicated coconut for a tropical twist
  • In a coffee grinder, grind 1 tablespoon of cacao beans and add to mixture with 1 teaspoon of raw honey

Vegetable Stock, the perfect builder to all your soups!

  • I save all my vegetable scraps in the freezer, or any vegetables that I will not be able to use up before they go bad, when my bag is full I know it is time to make a pot of stock
  • Fill a large stock pot with water and throw in your kale stems, beet greens, onion peels, broccoli stalks, whatever...
  • Add 3 garlic cloves unpeeled
  • Quarter a whole yellow onion and throw it in
  • Add a couple of bay leaves, 3 whole cloves, whole coriander seeds, seaweed, maybe some chill if you want to heat it up
  • Add 3-5 celery stalks and carrots, simply cut in thirds
  • Optional: add 3 roma tomatoes quartered 
  • Bring everything to a boil, then reduce heat and let simmer for approximately 30 minutes
  • Strain the stock and discard the vegetables (I keep the carrots and celery and chop them back in)
  • Then you may proceed to the soup recipe of your choice or put in containers and freeze for later use

Vegetable Linguine - Organic Whole Grain Spelt
 Here is how I do this in under 20 minutes

  • Fill a pot with water and heat to boiling to cook your desired pasta, while waiting for the water to boil...
  • Heat approximately 1 tbsp of good quality extra virgin olive oil in a sauce pan on low to medium heat,
    ​you just want the oil warm enough to saute 
  • Finely chop one large clove of garlic and add to the pan, I also like to add some chili flakes
    ​ but that is up to you.
  • Coarsely chop about 4-5 very ripe tomatoes or whole organic canned tomatoes and add to the pan
  • Open up that spice cupboard and add a little oregano, rosemary and basil.
  • Now for the green! This is how we add more vitamins...
  • In this recipe I used 1 zucchini and a bunch of kale broccolini
  • Let these ingredients simmer in the pan with the lid on to lock in the moisture
  • By now your water should have come to a boil, add your pasta and follow the package cooking instructions
  •  While the pasta is cooking, your sauce is coming together. 
  •  Be sure to stir the sauce every so often and feel free to add some pasta water if needed
  •  When your pasta is al dente, strain and add to your sauce and toss with a little freshly grated parmigiano reggiano

Kale and Beets, oh yeah!

What is most important about making any kale salad is to massage the kale to break down the fibre and tenderize the leaves. This might sound complicated but it's not! Simply put your washed and torn up kale into a bowl add the juice of a lemon and start massaging. This will only take a minute or two but well worth it. Once you have noticed the leaves are soft you can begin to add the other ingredients.

  • In this recipe I have used red beets, and apple shredded on a cheese grater.
  • For the dressing we already have lemon juice on the kale, which will also bring out the
    sweetness in the beets.
  • That is basically it, but feel free to add some spices to your liking. If you like to use salt,
    ​try using sea salt instead.

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SOUP's on ~ Another great way to "Eat your Vitamins!"  Perfect to warm you up and easy to pack up!

and once the pasta is added... delicious!

PASTA ~ Whole grain pasta is a great source of carbohydrates to fuel our bodies. Many variations can be prepared in less than 20 min!

SNACK ATTACK ~ satisfy those cravings guilt free!

Portabello Mushroom and Spinach Linguine - Organic Whole Grain Spelt

You know the drill... get your water started and heat your pan with some EVOO and garlic!

  • This time I sauteed some wild leeks with portabello mushrooms
  • I used some sage, thyme and a little chili to spice it up
  • I added some spinach at the end just long enough to wilt
  • Toss that all up with some parmigiano reggiano, mmm

 Is that pasta? No, it's zucchini!

 This is a great salad that eats like a meal and very simple to do as well.

  •  Shred zucchini and carrots
  •  Toss with a tablespoon of Tahini, a couple sprinkles of wheat-free Tamari, sea salt and pepper to taste.
  •  Then you can add seasonings you like for example; chopped cilantro, a pinch of cayenne, tumeric, dill, parsley
  •  You can also add more veggies like red pepper, tomato, onion, radish

Holy Moly, Guacamole! 

  • This amazing snack is jam packed full of nutrition when you make it yourself
  • Mash up 3 avocados, you know they are ripe when they are black and has a little give when you press the top
  • Add some finely diced red onion, fresh cilantro, roma tomato, jalapeño and 1-2 fresh squeezed limes
  • Mix it all up with a pinch of sea salt and serve with your favourite organic corn chips

Pasta e Fagioli

  • So for this recipe you will either need to cook some beans first or you can use oragnic canned beans
  • In my heated pan with EVOO and garlic, I added some organic ground beef and spices
  • Try oregano, thyme and basil with this recipe and some chili if you like it spicy
  • Once the beef is browned I added my tomatoes and beans and let the sauce thicken over low heat
  • I added shredded kale until it softens and wilts
  • When your pasta is cooked, toss it in the pan with some parmigiano reggiano