​​​It's not just about the food...
 Friends That Workout Together Stay Together $120pp

6 week program, 6 of your friends, twice a week, location of your choice. How about your backyard? That's right, let's get outdoors for the summer! No better way to start Simply Healthy Living than to get our daily dose of Vitamin D while exercising.
If you want to join an existing group, contact me at lucy@simplyhealthyliving.ca

Private Workout & Holistic Nutrition Coaching$90/session
If you prefer to go at your own pace and appreciate the one on one attention, try this one! One hour fitness session, in the comfort of your own home, with 30 minutes nutritional coaching. We will discuss weekly challenges and lifestyle changes to help you reach your Simply Healthy Goals. 10 sessions for $750.

A cleanse for all seasons...
Every so often we feel like we need to push the reset button!  Spring & Fall cleaning are the most popular, but whenever you begin to feel sluggish or have lost motivation, it is time to hit RESET.  I don't use any packaged or marketed products, just simple organic foods that are easy to follow.  There are several different cleanses available from 3-21 days depending on your needs.  I will prepare for you a shopping list and recommended cleanse instructions.  I will be there to coach you throughout the process. Price varies on type of cleanse.  Contact me for a free quote: lucy@simplyhealthyliving.ca

​​​Simply Healthy Living

Host a Holistic Nutrition Party! 
This is by far my favourite service!  Together with friends, we can enjoy some organic, healthy snacks and cocktails while learning the facts and fallacies about our favourite foods and healthy lifestyle choices.  Various topics include interpreting food labels, how to remove toxic chemicals from your household and body care products, aging gracefully, simple and healthy recipes, etc!

Price is determined on menu selection and amount of people.

Contact me for free quote: lucy@simplyhealthyliving.ca

Private Consultations  $350
We will begin a three month journey to health and wellness specifically designed to your needs.  First, I will get to know you a little better, learning about your current lifestyle habits and what you desire to change.  It won't happen overnight, but we will incorporate small changes that eventually will become part of your new lifestyle!  Secondly, I will evaluate your current symptoms and/or complaints, we will begin to work on one body system at a time to help improve your overall wellbeing.  This may include a specific cleanse and/or meal plan.  We will continue to modify the plan over the three months until you are well on your way to Simply Healthy Living!  These sessions can be done in person or via Skype.

Simply Healthy Living Membership  $500
This membership includes the above private consultation plan with added support for one year.  We will continue to work on the small changes to ensure your success!

Meet you in the kitchen...
Learn to shop & cook:  $350
It all starts in your kitchen!  Since I believe in Simply Healthy Living, all my recipes are simple and healthy!  

For this service, I will come meet you at your home and we will have a look at your pantry and discuss what should stay and what should go.  We will discuss meal planning and creating shopping lists for a busy family.  Then off to the grocery store to get what we need!  When we return, we will create a Simply Healthy Living meal together. 

This service can be divided up into two or three sessions if time is an issue.

​​Holistic Nutrition & Fitness